Thursday, January 6, 2011

We help you safely get the truth out!!!

Hi guys...

My Our next venture into the blogging arena- GCTLeaks.

This, I wish to put forth as a platform to stage all information, breakthroughs, secrets, and every other thing that relates itself to our beloved GCT.

As of now, the authors to this post are Ananth, Sankar, Suren and me, of course. You can be one too, if you wish. Just post a comment with your name and mail ID, and we'll do the most appropriate to welcome you...

The only rules
  • No articles that could personally hurt the feelings or jobs of anyone
  • No coarse/vulgar slang- in the posts/comments; and most importantly
  • No kidding! [Sorry, just kidding...:)]

If you think it's news, then that, we'll definitely use!!

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